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Couple Rules:

  1. This is a single-use Demo.

So, once you start your “AI Experience” with one phone number, you won’t be able to start over with the same number.

  1. You must use a US Number.

Regulations restrict our ability to message numbers outside the US. However, we will be releasing an option to test out the AI via e-mail.

NOTE: Our AI is independent of the SMS service. The SMS is only the medium it is communicating through. It will work for any business in any country using whatever medium you want! (Email, text, social media)

  1. When you Finish, be sure to Book A Call!

At the end of your “AI experience”, you’ll be encouraged to book a call to see how this will work for your business.


I consent to be contacted by E1U Life regarding their sales engagement AI and other services that may be applicable via SMS & Email.


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